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Live AND online on Thursday 13th May

Our next auction will be held live and online on Thursday 13th May,
starting at 11.00am
Friday 7th May 10am-4pm
Saturday 8th May 10am-2pm
Sunday 9th May 10am-2pm
Monday 10th May 10am-4pm
Tuesday 11th May 10am-4pm
Wednesday 12th May 10am-4pm

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Eugene Delacroix (1798-1863)
A Rocky Landscape Sketch
Watercolour, indistinctly inscribed and dated 21 Aout 1843 and bearing artist’s stamp
Sold for £11,000 on 15th April

After Charles Martin (1562-1646)
Marie de Medici, Queen of France
Sold for £5,600 on 15th April

Antony Gormley (born 1950)
“Domain 2000”
Sold for £2,400 on 15th April

Circle of Simone Cantarini (1612-1658)
A Head Study of a Bearded Scribe
Sold for £3,400 on 15th April

Christopher E Barrow (1974-)
“In the Pub”
Sold for £380 on 15th April


Francois Bonvin (1817-1887)
Le Serrurier (The Locksmith)
Sold for £32,000


Parker Fine Art Auctions launched in July 2020, co-founded by Directors Buffy Parker and Henny Smith.

Occupying a glorious light space of nearly 6,000 square feet in the centre of Farnham, we hold monthly auctions of Oil Paintings, Prints, Engravings, Drawings, Photographs, Posters, Watercolours and Frames.

We are the only auction house in England dedicated to selling Fine Art and the only auction house to charge vendors just £10 per lot (plus VAT) to sell. This includes all commission, illustration & insurance.

Our auctions – featuring everything from 15th century engravings to contemporary installations – are currently held live online.

For further information, please contact

Henny Smith at or call 01252 20 30 20