Parker Fine Art Auctions valuations are for the attention of the client to whom it is addressed for the specific purpose for which it is requested. It is not to be used by another person for any other purpose including publication without Parker Fine Art Auctions approval. 

The client requesting the report confirms that they are authorised, or entitled, to have the property valued.

A Valuation report prepared by Parker Fine Art Auctions does not represent an opinion as to ownership of the items. 

Valuations are opinions only, or suggestions of value as an Auctioneer and not for sale in a retail outlet. Parker Fine Art Auctions gives no warranty that the property will realise the amount at which it is valued upon a subsequent sale by public auction or by other means.

The client requesting the valuation agrees that they will not call upon Parker Fine Art Auctions to give evidence in legal or other proceedings concerning the contents of a valuation.

Where requested Parker Fine Art Auctions will assist in different valuations including Probate and Insurance. Parker Fine Art Auctions accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of its estimates on profit margins, the cost of replacement (if applicable) or other relevant factors applicable to retail.

No opinions will be provided as to the commercial value of exploiting intellectual property or other intangible rights of items valued.

When providing valuations via our website or by email Parker Fine Art Auctions specialists will provide the most accurate auction estimate based only upon the information and images provided. These are provisional only and subject to closer inspection in the flesh and further research. The valuations are provided exclusively for the use of the client for the specific purpose of consigning property to Parker Fine Art Auctions and are not to be used for any other purpose.